This Handy ARC Pediatrician Likes to Collaborate with His Patients

Austin Regional Clinic is happy to announce that David C. Needham, MD, Pediatrician, has joined the team at ARC Kyle Plum Creek After Hours Clinic.

Dr. Needham grew up in Columbus, OH, but came to Austin for college and has been here ever since. Of why he chose Pediatrics, he says “In medical school, I was attracted to pediatric faculty and staff. They were warm, friendly, and happy individuals (most of them!).”

His philosophy of treatment can be summed up in one word: collaboration. He says, “I prefer to be a source of information for parents to use so that decision making can be a shared experience, not just my telling the parents what to do.”

In his personal time, Dr. Needham says he likes to fix things. He adds, “I also like to work in wood, metal, and stained glass; and to work outdoors in the yard and garden.”

Dr. Needham’s go-to health tip for parents? “Vaccinate! And bring your infant/child in for regular well child appointments.”

ARC Kyle Plum Creek After Hours Clinic is open to both established and new patients. For appointments, go online or by call 512-346-6611.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Needham!

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