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The Key to a Long and Healthy Life

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Dr. Gregg Vagner, Orthopedist, has joined the team. Dr. Vagner will be seeing patients at ARC Medical Park Tower Orthopedics, ARC South 1st, and ARC Now Clinic, specializing in hand and elbow surgery.

Born in Chicago, Dr. Vagner moved with his to family to San Antonio, Texas at a young age. He says he became interested in medicine at an early age. Dr. Vagner tells us, “I was very interested in sciences and I really loved interacting and serving people and trying to improve their lives.” His particular interest in hand surgery stemmed from his love of the intricacies of the procedures and how amazingly engineered the hand is.”

Living By the Golden Rule

When it comes to his philosophy of practice, Dr. Vagner says, “I really try to follow the Golden Rule. I always try to imagine how I would want to be treated. I approach patients with empathy and try to equip them with the knowledge about their condition so that together we can arrive at the best possible treatment plan for them.”

In his free time, Dr. Vagner says he is a family man, first and foremost. “I absolutely love spending time with my family. My kids are at a great age and are so much fun to do things with, whether that be traveling as a family, enjoying what Austin has to offer or just sitting around watching TV together.” He adds, “I am a little bit of a wine nerd. I also enjoy reading books, skiing, and traveling.”

Dr. Vagner’s health tip for everyone? “Good bone health is key to a long and happy life. Stay active! Walk. Run. Swim. CrossFit. HIIT. Anything to do some resistance work and get the blood flowing!”

Dr. Vagner is currently accepting new patients at three locations. You can make an appointment with him by going online, or by calling the clinic of your choice:

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Vagner!

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