Taking the Time Needed to Care For You

“I will take my time to work with you, to get things completed and get it right,” says Dr. Mohinder Pegany, internal medicine physician at ARC Cedar Park.

Addressing All Your Concerns

Dr. Pegany’s philosophy is to work together with you as a team and to provide you with as much information as you need to be as healthy as you can be.

“I never rush anybody out. We'll take all the time we need to take to treat you, we'll address everything that we need to treat,” Dr. Pegany says.

He adds, “Healthcare is just that important to me.”

Sharing Your Pain Stories

During every visit with a patient, Dr. Pegany’s singular focus is listening to you and taking the time needed to address your health concerns. His goal is for you to share your stories about any pain that you might have – even ones that may seem minor.

“Something patients might think of as minor could actually be quite serious. I want them to tell me everything,” Dr. Pegany says. “It's really, in some ways, less of an interaction between doctor/patient, almost becomes a friendship.”

During one of these conversations with a male patient, the patient mentioned feeling pain, consistently, each time he went for a walk.

“He didn't think much about it, just happened to mentioned it,” Dr. Pegany recalls, “well, that could very well be a cardiac symptom, as it turns out, it was. He ended up going to see cardiology and having a stent placement.”

Watch Dr. Mohinder Pegany’s video biography to learn more about how he takes his time to care for you.

Meet Dr. Pegany

To schedule a visit with Dr. Pegany, you can make an appointment online or call ARC Cedar Park at 512-259-3467.

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