Symptoms of Concussion – Aired 9/27/2017

Dr. Brandon Zinn, Sports Medicine Specialist at ARC Orthopedics, recently dropped by The Horn 104.9FM/1260AM radio show, Under the Lights, to talk about concussions.

In this segment of Ask the Doc, Dr. Zinn explains that at its most basic level, a concussion is a “bruise on the brain.” He goes into greater detail about what you should do if you think you have a concussion and the importance of reporting your symptoms to a coach or trainer.

Click the play button to listen to the interview to learn more about the importance acknowledging concussions.  Don't miss out on any Austin area high school football action by tuning into Under the Lights every Wednesday at 7pm on by The Horn 104.9FM/1260AM. Also be sure to catch up on past episodes of Under the Lights available for free on IHSFAN.

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