Screen Time Recommendations for Children

In the latest episode of the ARC DocTalk, Dr. Jacqueline F. Fournier, Pediatrician at ARC Dripping Springs, says, “A big topic right now is appropriate screen time for children.” She discusses the recommended time, based on age. She says for all ages, “You need to set up boundaries, just like you do in the rest of their life.”

Dr. Fournier summarizes, “You can learn a lot from the screen, when used correctly and in moderation.”

She also reminds parents, “It’s important for kids to come in and see the doctor regularly, not just when they’re sick.”

The reason is so that the doctor can make sure that children are developing healthy habits, such as making healthy choices with their food, exercising, getting their homework done, and getting adequate sleep.

If you would like to make an appointment with an ARC pediatrician, you can do so online, or by calling any ARC clinic and pressing “1” to book an appoint. Phone and online appointment scheduling and phone nurses are available 24/7 at Austin Regional Clinic.

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