Round Rock Pediatrician Focuses on In-Clinic Care for Your Child

Keeping You Out of the Emergency Room

“Each day in my practice I like to help families keep their children healthy,” says Dr. Alan Rashidpediatrician at ARC Round Rock.

Part of keeping your family healthy, is addressing medical issues in the clinic and out of the emergency room, which means less disruption to your family.

In pediatrics, “you can usually fix a problem pretty fast and help families and patients get back to their life,” Dr. Rashid says.

Educating Parents About ARC Services

Dr. Rashid finds that that many families are not aware of the full range of services that ARC offers. He tries to educate families about ARC After Hours Care, on-site laboratory, on-site x-rays, and more so they can seek care at the clinic.

“I think, in this setting, we can provide a one-stop experience,” Dr. Rashid says. “I like to keep families in the clinic and away from emergency rooms or the hospital setting because that can be very disruptive to their lives.”

From Parenting to Pediatrics

The “huge responsibility” of parenting is something Dr. Alan Rashid learned when he had his daughter, which also led him to pursue a career in pediatrics.

“Taking care of my daughter in medical school gave me an insight into what parents are going through, and families and children,” Dr. Rashid says. “No matter at what age you start your family, it's still the same. It's the same feeling of ‘I have this huge responsibility and I need to find a dentist. I need to find a doctor and I need to find a place I can go and trust.’ I think that's important.”

Your Child Takes the Lead

During visits, Dr. Rashid tries to keep your child comfortable and only order tests when needed. He spends the majority of each visit listening to you and your child, with your child taking the lead.

“The parents often see their child interacting with another adult and they enjoy that process too, so we let the child kind of lead the visit, especially as they get into grade school and middle school.” Dr. Rashid says. “They get to talk about school, they get to talk about their extracurricular, their sports, and, usually, they are more excited and happy and smile the whole visit.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Alan Rashid’s video biography to learn more about how he lets your child lead during visits. If you would like an appointment with Dr. Alan Rashid or you want to meet him before establishing care for your child:

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    Meet Dr. Rashid at a clinic Meet & Greet on the 4th Tuesday and Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm. To RSVP, call 512-244-9024 or complete the online RSVP form. Please include your name, ARC Round Rock, and the date of the meet & greet you would like to attend.

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