Round Rock Doctor Establishes Family Trust to Care for You

“I like to treat patients like family,” says Dr. Daniel Kelly. “I think when a doctor and a patient have a long-term, trusting relationship, it really helps both the doctor and the patient.” Watch Dr. Kellly’s video to learn more about how he does this in his family medicine practice at ARC Round Rock.

Helping in a Direct Way

Dr. Kelly has numerous instances where he counseled patients to make different and, ultimately, better health choices.

“I always thought that I wanted to pursue a career where I fulfilled a need in the community. I certainly see that with family practice because I can really help people in a very direct way,” says Dr. Kelly.

When one of Dr. Kelly’s patients was diagnosed with diabetes, they didn’t like it. With guidance and support from Dr. Kelly the patient was able to make changes that led to a pleasant surprise.

“When the patient came back and had lost 50 pounds, their clothes were baggier, and they required a new wardrobe,” says Dr. Kelly. “To counsel them in ways to make those changes and to actually see the results – that's really encouraging.”

Minimal Intervention

Each day in his practice, Dr. Kelly’s goal is to help you be as healthy as possible. This means addressing a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise, and prescribing medications only when necessary.

“But it's more about educating patients what are the most appropriate things, and what the studies show to be the most effective types of treatments or remedies for whatever particular the condition they have,” says Dr. Kelly.

Start With Tracking

Implementing change can be difficult, so Dr. Kelly advises that you start by keeping track of what you’re doing.

“With diet and exercise there's a lot of different parts about it that are very difficult,” Dr. Kelly says. “Once you start realizing that it's been a week since you last exercised, then you start realizing that you're not really doing as much as you think you are. Same thing with the diet; if you track what you're eating–you'll start to realize pretty quickly that you're eating quite a bit more than you think.”

Once you have clarity about what happens on a daily basis, you can use that to begin changing your habits slowly, with support and guidance from Dr. Kelly.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Daniel Kelly’s video biography to learn more about how he establishes trust with you to care for you and your family. You can make an appointment online or call 512-244-9024 to see Dr. Kelly at ARC Round Rock.

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