Pflugerville Pediatrician Has a Child-First Philosophy

Safe, evidence-based care and open, clear communication with your family is pediatrician Dr. Ryan Peterson’s philosophy while focusing on your child’s care. “I really try to bring that into each room in each patient experience” at ARC Kelly Lane, he said.

Focusing on Your Child

During visits with Dr. Peterson, he focuses most of his attention and focus on your child. “I let them make decisions and grow used to me as I'm in the room examining them, talking to them,” Dr. Peterson said.

Because of this focus on your child, “parents might find that I look at the child more than I look at them, and talk to the child more than I talk to them,” Dr. Peterson said.

This dynamic allows visits to go more smoothly and provides a safe space for children to get the medical care they need to grow into healthy and happy adolescents and young adults.

Helping Your Family Grow

During well check visits, Dr. Peterson focuses on helping your child and family develop healthy habits like exercising as family, eating and cooking together, and talking about any issues that might arise. He reviews the mental, physical, and emotional health and development of your child.

His goal is to help you raise your child and provide care for any “minor bumps and bruises and short-term illnesses” that occur.

“I couldn't imagine doing anything else,” Dr. Peterson said.” It's really, really exactly what I want to do.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Ryan Peterson’s video biography to learn more about his dedication to caring for your child and family.

Meet Dr. Peterson

If you would like an appointment for your child with Dr. Ryan Peterson or you would like to meet him before the birth of your child:

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