Pediatrician’s Goal: The Best Health and Fun Visits for Your Child

Pediatrician, Dr. Raymond Teoh, explains “everything that's going on in my head so that you know what I'm thinking, and why we've chosen the plan for the best health of your child.” He does this by making visits fun for your child and family. Watch his video to learn more about his practice at ARC Kyle Plum Creek.

The Best Health for Your Child

“We are all on the same team with the same common goal – we want what is best for your child,” Dr. Teoh said.

To reach that shared goal, Dr. Teoh focuses on communicating and educating you about your child’s healthy and anticipated growth during visits.

“My goal as your child’s doctor is to make sure that we're all on the same team and on the same level of understanding,” Dr. Teoh said.

Fun For Your Child

Communicating with your child is an important part of visits, and alleviating any fears your child may have about going to the doctor is a priority for Dr. Teoh.

“I try to make the office visits as fun as we can,” Dr. Teoh said. He does this to help put your child at ease and to create a space where your child can participate in his or her health care.

Teaching Good Habits

With pediatrics, you can be “silly around kids, but you can also teach them and their families how to take care of themselves and start good habits that keep them healthy through their adult lives,” said Dr. Teoh.

This starts early on with annual well visits where he addresses preventive care, immunizations, and teaching kids about eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Raymond Teoh’s video biography to learn more about how he can be silly to alleviate your child’s fears, while also communicating and educating you about the health of your child.

Meet Dr. Teoh

If you would like an appointment for your child with Dr. Raymond Teoh or you would like to meet him before the birth of your child:

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