Ob/Gyn Creates a Pregnancy Plan For You

“My goal for my patients is to listen to them,” Ob/Gyn physician Dr. Cynthia Chaparro-Krueger says. And, “for my patients to feel that they are being heard.” She’s here to help you through the various stages of life and happy moments at ARC Cedar Park Medical Plaza.

Listening to your concerns and goals allows Dr. Chaparro-Krueger to create a treatment plan made specifically for you.

First-Time Moms

If you’re a first-time mom, your initial visit with Dr. Chaparro-Krueger will be an in-depth appointment. She will start by talking to you about what to expect during the visit.

“We like to do a full physical exam, talk about mom’s medical history and how that impacts her and the pregnancy and how it impacts the baby,” Dr. Chaparro-Krueger says. “And you get your first ultrasound and [patients] are usually very excited about that.”

The first visit, which usually takes place when you’re seven to eight weeks pregnant, will often include your very first ultrasound. You will see an ultrasound of your baby and hear your baby’s heartbeat, usually for the very first time.

Family History

Dr. Chaparro-Krueger suggests that dads come to the first visit to experience the first ultrasound and to discuss dad’s medical history.

“We like dad to come to that first OB visit. Sometimes dads have questions about how their medical problems impact the pregnancy and their baby,” Dr. Chaparro-Krueger says.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Cynthia Chaparro-Krueger’s video biography to learn more about how she listens to your concerns to provide a treatment plan created specifically for you. You can also make an appointment online to see her at ARC Cedar Park Medical Plaza.

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