North Austin Gynecologist Focuses on Your Complete Health

As your doctor, he tries “to see the larger needs of the patient to address their other healthcare needs. Not just the pap smear, things like vaccinations, colonoscopies, lab work, to check cholesterol and sugar levels,” gynecologist Dr. Robert Hughes said. Watch his video to learn more about how he provides you with complete health care at ARC Seton Northwest.

Colon Cancer at Fifty-Seven

For patients that are at high risk of colon cancer or are age 50 or older, he often brings up the need for a colonoscopy. Since many patients who are newly 50 don’t know when colonoscopies are recommended to begin, he makes sure to include it in the annual well woman exam.

“I’ll often mention that my mother had colon cancer when she was 57 and they weren’t screening for it back then,” Dr. Hughes said. He stresses that “it’s a preventable cancer” comparing them to mammogram screenings and pap smears. They are all part of the full picture of health that he addresses.

Yearly Conversations and Praise

When you get together with old friends, you often discuss shared memories and pastimes. This is true with Dr. Hughes’ long-time patient visits as well, except with a bit of heroism, but he wouldn’t call it that.

Fifteen years ago Dr. Hughes had a patient who had complications. Each year when she returns for her annual exam, she thanks him for saving her life so many years ago. She gives updates about her three children and they talk about that fateful day.

“I'm embarrassed by the praise she heeps on me for saving her life,” Dr. Hughes said. “I was doing what I was supposed to do and I was trained to do it.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Robert Hughes’  video biography to learn more about how he addresses your complete health at each well woman visit. You can also make an appointment to see him at ARC Seton Northwest.

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