New Pediatrician Offers 2 Tips To Keep Kids Healthy

Dr. Sarah JohnARC Southwest’s newest Pediatrician with the ARC After Hours Clinic team, discovered her love for children’s health during her medical education.

“In my training, I found that the most fulfilling aspect of medicine is not only being able to help the sick return to their daily lives but to be a part of the growth and development of healthy children and foster a relationship with their parents and families,” explained Dr. John.

While Dr. John says maintaining good health is an ongoing practice she offers two easy-to-follow tips for parents to keep illness at bay, especially during flu season.

“Get a flu shot every year and carry around hand sanitizer for the kids to use before they eat snacks,” she said.

Originally from Edmond, Oklahoma, Dr. John has enjoyed exploring Austin’s running trails and farmers markets. One of her favorite parks is in the Mueller neighborhood.

Welcome, Dr. John!

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