New PA Believes in Treating Every Patient with Dignity

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Cody P. Seel, PA, has joined the Dermatology team at ARC Southwest. Cody comes to Austin by way of a small town in Wyoming, where her family has lived for generations. That family was also the reason she chose medicine as a career. Cody says, “I wanted to be in the medical field since I was a child. My grandmother was a nurse and I loved going to work with her and helping people.”

Cody says that she decided to become a physician assistant (PA) because she liked the idea of flexibility within medicine. She adds, “I also loved the idea of getting to practice medicine and help patients sooner, with the idea of continued learning throughout my career.”

Her philosophy of practice is simple, “listen, be kind, treat every patient with dignity and respect.” Cody says “My goal is that every patient leaves the office with a clear understanding of what they are experiencing and satisfaction that we have helped them with everything we can.”

Of her free time, Cody says, “I am passionate about health and fitness. I love getting my heart rate up with exercise (including yoga and soccer) and exploring the science of wellness. I enjoy spending time with friends, family, and my amazing husband. We like cooking and trying new restaurants. We also love traveling and experiencing other places, people, and cultures.”

Cody’s health tip for patients? “Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun.”

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Cody Seel!

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