Dr. Clarence Williams, II

New ARC Physician Believes Doctor-Patient Relationship is a Partnership

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Clarence Williams II, MD, Family Medicine physician, has joined the team at ARC Anderson Mill.

Dr. Williams comes from an Army family. He was born in San Antonio, but has traveled and lived all over the U.S. and Germany.

He says that he chose Family Medicine as a specialty because “Of all the disciplines in medicine, Family Medicine gives the greatest challenge for breadth of knowledge.” He continues, “The intellectual challenge provided by Family Medicine is daunting, but the gratification derived from the totality of care I provide my patients is unmatched.”

Dr. Williams describes his approach to care as such, “My philosophy is to treat the doctor-patient relationship as a partnership.” He explains, “My roles as a physician is to listen to my patients’ concern and then educate and advise them to make highly informed decisions about their health and well-being.”

In his spare time, Dr. Williams enjoys spending time with his family. Other hobbies include “building computers, tinkering with electronics, bowling, and watching sports (especially football.)”

His best health tip for patients? Dr. Williams says, “We all enjoy consuming foods and beverages that may not be very healthy. Moderation is the key!”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Williams, go online or call ARC Anderson Mill at 512-250-5571. Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic Dr. Williams!

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