New ARC Doctors Share Top Health Tips

Stephanie Ericson, MD, Internal Medicine 
Anuja Khunti, DO, Family Medicine
Christine Norton, DO, Family Medicine
Anisha Virani, MD, Family Medicine
Hope Folarin, MD, new Internal Medicine physician


Five new doctors joined the Austin Regional Clinic family this week—expanding our family and internal medicine teams. Each doctor is devoted to building a healthier Central Texas and recently shared with us some of their favorite health tips:

Stephanie Ericson, MD, Internal Medicine, ARC Far West Making lifestyle changes can be difficult, but small steps can make a big difference. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we think of all the things we should do, but just making one change at a time can be a manageable and effective strategy. For example, losing just 5-7% of excess body weight reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 60%.

Anuja Khunti, DO, Family Medicine, ARC Southwest A family practice mentor of mine once told me that he had 6 basic rules to maintaining wellness: have a well-balanced healthy diet, drink alcohol in moderation (if you drink), exercise regularly, don’t smoke, find positive and healthy ways to cope with stress and, lastly, stay on top of all preventive medical screenings and actions recommended to you by your physician.

Christine Norton, DO, Family Medicine, ARC Round Rock Eating healthy and any form of exercising a little each day can go along way in the prevention as well as treatment of several common diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Anisha Virani, MD, Family Medicine, ARC Round Rock Drink plenty of water, water helps flush out your body system and keeps your organs healthy and helps keep your body and mind replenished at all times.

Hope Folarin, MD, new Internal Medicine physician at ARC South 1st, says that a primary responsibility of the physician is to educate patients on preventive health measures. “While illness is almost inevitable, and I am happy to treat it when needed, we can work together to avoid it if possible.”

All five doctors are currently accepting new patients. You can request an appointment online or call us at 512-272-4636.

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