Long-Lasting Relationships With You and Your Child

“My goal is to create long-lasting relationships with my patients and parents. I also enjoy talking to parents about different health tips and things that they can do to help their children grow and develop,” Dr. Christine Hoang says, pediatrics physician at ARC Cedar Park.

Best Health

In order to help your “child have the best health possible,” Dr. Hoang stays updated on research and creates open communication with you during well-check visits.

“This means committing to staying up to date on the latest research so I know the best treatments available,” Dr. Hoang says. “I also find great value in well-child checks.I think they're critical appointments where we can gauge how well a child is developing and growing.”

In Cedar Park Since Childhood

Dr. Hoang is a long-time, childhood resident of Cedar Park. She first moved to the area as a 5-year-old and is a graduate of Cedar Park High School. She never went very far for too long.

“UT Austin for college, and I went away for medical school, but then I came back to do my residency at Dell Children's and here I am back in Cedar Park. I just really love the area,” Dr. Hoang says.

She returned to practice medicine here, a dream she held since her early days as a child in Cedar Park.

Sun Tip

Sun safety is one topic that Dr. Hoang discusses with all of her patients and their families, “because Texas is always hot, and we have many sunny days,” Dr. Hoang says. Sunscreen along with sun safety will also help prevent skin cancer in the future.

Her tips:

  • stay in the shade when possible,
  • wear a hat when outdoors, and
  • always wear sunscreen, reapplying after exercising and swimming.

“It would be great if parents are able put sunscreen on their children every single day,” Dr. Hoang says. “I always recommend trying to put on as much as your child will allow.”

Watch Dr. Christine Hoang’s video biography to learn more about how she builds a relationship with you and helps you care for your child.

Meet Dr. Hoang

If you would like an appointment with Dr. Christine Hoang or you want to meet her before the birth of your child:

  • Make an Appointment
  • Attend a Meet & Greet
    Meet Dr. Hoang at the ARC Cedar Park meet & greet the third Tuesday, every month, at 5:30pm. To RSVP, call 512-259-3467 or e-mail us your name and the date you will need a pediatrician. Please put “ARC Cedar Park meet and greet” in the subject line.

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