Listening and Following-Up Are the Key to this Doctor’s Care

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Lisa K. Clemons, MDFamily Medicine physician, has joined the team at ARC Southwest.

Texas native by way of Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth, Dr. Clemons says that she chose Family Medicine as a specialty because she likes everything! She says, “I enjoy seeing a baby in one room, followed by a well woman exam, and then visiting with an elderly patient. I enjoy seeing all members of the same family. I like knowing things about patients and their family members that can sometimes help me in my medical decision making.”

Dr. Clemons says that through her years of practicing medicine, she has learned that listening and follow-up are the keys to good patient care. She says, “I can say that I enjoy seeing patients now more than ever. I simply listen and try to make the best decision for the patients that I can. I like to see my patients back for their issues to make sure that what I am recommending for them is actually helping.”

When not working, Dr. Clemons is a busy wife and mother to three children. ”We have many pets, as my spouse is a veterinarian. Faith is very important to me and my kids all enjoy serving in our local church. We also enjoy spending time outside.”

One of Dr. Clemons’ health tips is, “On a busy day, if you have to go for fast food drive through—get the smallest burger, skip the fries and soda, enjoy at home with a fruit and veggie. You will feel like you have satisfied your burger craving without the guilt.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Clemons, call ARC Southwest at 512-282-8967 or go online.

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