Learning Your Story at Each Visit

His focus with each visit is “paying attention and listening, trying to get the story about what's really happening,” Dr. John Frederick says, Family Medicine physician at ARC Far West.

Face to Face

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Frederick listened to stories and got to know patients like you. And he still looks forward to it today, “my favorite thing about family medicine is just being with people.”

He jokes that it helps to be quiet to get the full story.

“I had a patient come in that I've never met before. Patient had shoulder problems, shoulder pain. He thought he had injured his shoulder. After hearing his rendition of the story, I told him, ‘you probably ought to go to the emergency room and be checked.’ It turns out that he had a significant legion in his left anterior descending artery of his heart.”

The patient was only 42 years old and he was healthy, running a half-mile to a mile daily, but the full story led Dr. Frederick to the heart diagnosis. He attributes diagnoses like this to his experience working with patients over the years.

“It just gets ingrained in your brain when you hear certain phrases and certain things, it makes you ask certain questions automatically,” Dr. Frederick says.

Birth to College and Beyond

One part of being a Family Medicine physician that Dr. Frederick values deeply is his ability to care for you and your family from birth to college and beyond.

“A young man that I delivered, I guess, 1988. To have that deal where I delivered him, was a part of his care all of his life as he grew up, in his teen years, junior high, high school. And then later on he's in college and he comes back for a check up and his mom came in with him. We talked a long time and visited about all the things that had gone on,” Dr. Frederick says. “It was really a neat deal.”

Alongside caring for patients like the young man above, he also raised four children with his wife, also an ARC Family Medicine physician.

Learn More

Watch Dr. John Frederick’s video biography to learn more about how he cares for you and your family. To make an appointment with Dr. Frederick, you can make an appointment online or call ARC Far West at 512-346-6611.

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