Kyle Sports Medicine Doctor Helps You Enjoy Life After an Injury

As your doctor, his goal is to have you “functional and living life again and enjoying life again,” says Dr. Ross Hairgrove, Sports Medicine physician. Watch his video to learn more about how he walks you through the recovery process at ARC Kyle Plum Creek.

Our Recovery

When you arrive at your appointment, Dr. Hairgrove will take the time to listen to you and learn more about you and your injury. This will help determine the next steps in your recovery. Dr. Hairgrove will offer you options for recovery that align with your needs, walk you through the process, and help you return to enjoying life again.

Pain Relief for a Busy Mom

When a busy mom came to see Dr. Hairgrove, her pain severely affected her ability to care for her young kids and live life. She endured daily pain and didn’t have much hope, despite seeking help from others in the past. Working with Dr. Hairgrove, she was able to find relief and shift into living life with less pain. “I was able to work her through the process to let her know that there is still hope for her to live a functional life again,” says Dr. Hairgrove. “And just to see her pain relieved and enjoying life again, that makes it all worth it.”

Generations of Impact

Watching his father and grandfather growing up, Dr. Hairgrove was moved by the impact they had on the lives of others and in their community. His father was a veterinarian and his grandfather was a family physician. “The impact that they had on the community, the lives they touched, really left a imprint on me that I wanted to continue,” Dr. Hairgrove says. Growing up loving sports, he played high school basketball, golf, and ran cross-country. Dr. Hairgrove was able to combine his love of sports with his desire to make a difference in the lives of others by becoming a Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine physician. “I just always enjoyed the life lessons that sports teaches you. Making that aha moment where I can combine the two: treat people’s illnesses, make them feel better, make them functional again, it was the perfect fit,” he says.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Ross Hairgrove’s video biography to learn more about how he works with you to address your injury so you can enjoy life. You can also make an appointment online to see him at ARC Kyle Plum Creek.

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