Kyle Family Medicine Doctor Offers More Than Medicine

“Sometimes, it's just putting a hand on somebody’s shoulder and saying ‘it will be okay’. That makes [a bigger] difference than the medicine we give,” said Dr. Fidelis Amadi. Watch his video to learn more about his unwavering commitment to caring for you and your family at ARC Kyle Plum Creek.

Beyond Medicine

In his practice, Dr. Amadi listens, while giving you the time to talk and ask questions.

“My goal as a doctor is to make sure that when [patients] come to me, that I help them answer any questions they have. And also, to always render my treatment with empathy, make sure I’m treating the whole person,” said Dr. Amadi.

To Dr. Amadi, empathetic care means understanding why patients come to see him.

“Being a doctor, to me, is unique. You're touching people's lives,” said Dr. Amadi. “Sometimes it's not just the disease process that the person is coming there for. They’re coming there just to talk to somebody.”

Caring for Your Growing Family

As Dr. Amadi, cares for you and your children, his goal is to guide you through medical decisions as your family grows.

“As they grow and do well, you're proud of being a part of their family,” said Dr. Amadi. ”And they become part of your family. To me, that’s the most joyful thing.”

A Life-Long Dedication to Medicine

The joy that Dr. Amadi brings to visits with you is the result of a life-long dream realized.

He wanted to be a doctor for “as young as I can remember,” said Dr. Amadi. “ I can go back as young as five years old. I never wavered on what I wanted to do.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Fidelis Amadi’s video biography to learn more about his unwavering dedication to caring for you and your family. You can make an appointment online to see him at ARC Kyle Plum Creek.

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