Kyle Audiologist Helps You Enjoy Every Second of Life

“My goal is to help the patient hear better and communicate better… and be able to enjoy every second of their life,” Dr. Cristie Jones says, audiologist at ARC Kyle Plum Creek. Watch her video to learn how hearing better can improve your life.

Enjoy Life, Don’t Wait 7 Years

After finding out about their hearing loss, the average person waits 7 to 10 years before getting help with a hearing aid or other assistive listening device. That’s nearly a decade of struggling to communicate with the world around you.

“When you have hearing problems and you realize it, try not to put it off as much as you can. Because the earlier that we catch it, the better,” Dr. Jones says.

Hearing loss is linked to increased risk for dementia, and delayed treatment may make hearing loss worse.

“We're going to help you so that you can communicate with family and friends and enjoy your life to the fullest,” Dr. Jones says.

Mother and Daughter

Recently, Dr. Jones helped a family hear better. Her patient, a mom of three, was having problems at work. She couldn’t hear on the phone, she had trouble talking to her family, and came in for a hearing test.

“She was shocked that she had hearing loss,” Dr. Jones says.

After getting hearing aids, the patient said, “this is a whole new world, I love it!”

Since many forms of hearing loss are genetic, Dr. Jones also tested her patient’s three children. The youngest child had mild hearing loss.

“We fit her with hearing aids as well. They're both doing very well and really enjoying the hearing aids,” Dr. Jones says.

Wear Earplugs to Safeguard Your Hearing

Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable if you wear hearing protection like earplugs, earmuffs, etc. That means wearing ear plugs when you go to music concerts and festivals, auto races at the track, you get the idea.

“There's a number of loud things that we do in our life that we need to be sure and wear hearing protection for,” Dr. Jones says, “you can protect your hearing by wearing earplugs.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Cristie Jones’ video biography to learn more about how she works with you to improve your hearing and communication with your friends and family. If you think you have hearing loss, you can make an appointment online to see her at ARC Kyle Plum Creek.

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