It’s a good time for your child’s well-check exam

On the latest episode of ARC DocTalk, Dr. James C. AndersonPediatrician at ARC Far West, discusses back-to-school for kids today. He says, “There’s a lot of anxiety going on for the kids right now.” Dr. Anderson continues, “Whether you are in kindergarten and getting ready to start the school year or a senior in high school getting ready to graduate or even a college student, the most important thing to do is to talk about it and be prepared.”

In addition to some tips about helping kids get prepared for the upcoming school year, Dr. Anderson also talks about getting your child’s well check exam. He says, “This is a fantastic time for parents to be booking a well-check visit with their pediatrician; particularly for kids with learning disabilities or ADHD. We can get them ready for the upcoming school year. A well checkup is a great time to do that, and to go ahead and adjust medications.”

Book your child’s well check now at In addition to regular clinic hours, ARC now offers extended night and weekend hours at all five ARC After Hours Clinics.

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