In The Health Journal: How to Stop a Cold

Cold Season Tips from ARC Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Dana Garcia

‘Tis the season for sneezing and wheezing. In fact, February is a peak month for flu and cold.

If you’re unlucky enough to catch a cold, what can you do to recover quickly? ARC Family Medicine physician, Dr. Dana Garcia told The Health Journal that if you feel a cold coming on try gargling warm salt water or using a nasal saline rinse. She says they can make you feel better by breaking up mucus and clearing it from your nasal passages and throat. (Read: How to Stop the Common Cold in Its Tracks)

What about hot teas? Drinking hot teas will not necessarily prevent a cold, said Dr. Garcia, but they can do a lot to help make you feel better. The steam from the tea can help your nose clear germs, and warm tea with honey can help soothe your throat and cough.

What about products like emergenC and airborne? The main ingredient of both these products is high dose vitamin C. Many studies have been done looking at vitamin C in cold prevention or treatment. What these studies have shown is that vitamin C will not prevent a cold, but if taken at the onset of cold symptoms could reduce severity or duration. In the end, taking EmergenC or Airborne at the onset of a cold won't hurt and may even help a little.

Above all, she says, to get over a cold quickly you need to slow down. “This gives your body and your immune system a chance to work on fighting the virus instead of adding extra stress to it like working late hours or committing yourself to too many activities,” said Dr. Garcia.

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