Helping You Be Who You Want to Be

His main goal is to help you be who you want to be and do what you want to do by addressing your hearing problems, Dr. Robert A. Williamson, Jr. says. He is an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physician with additional training in otology and neurotology at ARC Far West Medical Tower.

“I enjoy the interaction I have with patients and helping them do the things they want to do and that they care about in life. My main obligation to patients, my main duty, is to be able to help them,” Dr. Williamson, Jr. says.

Developing a Relationship With You
To achieve Dr. Williamson, Jr.’s goal to help you be who you want, he builds a foundation of trust and understanding.

“I try to understand each patient and understand what their particular condition is and what their needs are and what their goals are. Together, we come up with a treatment plan that they are comfortable and happy with, and will give them the best outcome.”

Optimistic and Encouraged
 “Hearing, it’s part of a natural process, our hearing does change as we get older and that happens to everyone so people shouldn’t really feel somehow bad or that they’re deficient in any way,” Dr. Williamson Jr. says.

The natural process of hearing change can start earlier or later in life depending on the amount of noise exposure that you have in daily life. For example, if you are around a lot of occupational noise or participate in recreational activities with loud noise like going to music festivals, this can contribute to changes in hearing earlier in life.

The good news, hearing changes can be addressed and usually corrected or helped.

“I always hope that people feel optimistic and encouraged that we can help them make a difference with hearing problems.”

Life-Changing Impact
There are a lot of patients that stand out in Dr. Williamson Jr.’s mind.

“There was a young woman who was born deaf. She was a little over two when we first saw her. We were able to offer her a cochlear implant, which was an implantable device that can restore hearing,” he says.

Dr. Williamson Jr.’s young patient went on to live a normal childhood despite being born deaf. She was able to develop speech and language, and then participate in school with her friends and peers.

“Those kinds of cases really stand out in my mind. I can potentially have a big impact, helping the patient and their family for the rest of their life,” Dr. Williamson Jr. says.

Learn More
Watch Dr. Robert A. Williamson, Jr.’s video biography to learn more about how he addresses your hearing problems to help you live the life you want. To make an appointment with Dr. Williamson, Jr. you can make an appointment online or call ARC Far West Medical Tower at 512-346-8888.

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