Gynecologist’s Lifelong Dedication to Caring for Women

“When patients come in, I always start out by asking them if anything is worrying them. Do they have any concerns? We make sure that those get addressed as well as the routine annual physical exam, pap smears, lab work, mammogram–if it’s appropriate,” Dr. Guy Blumhagen says.

Watch his video to learn more about his practice at ARC Seton Northwest , and why, at 14-years-old, he dedicated his life to caring for women.

Dedicated to Caring for Women at Age 14

“Mom passed away when I was 14. And ever since then I've really felt this need to take care of women because they have families, and they have kids at home, and they have people that depend on them. And that's important to me,” Dr. Blumhagen says.

His dedication to caring for women spans several generations of Central Texans.

Generations of Caring for Moms

“I have a patient that I've taken care of for a long time and she had daughters. And I've seen her daughters in the office. Her daughters have gotten pregnant and I've delivered her grandchildren,” Dr. Blumhagen says. “Every time they come in it’s always nice to check in, see how everyone is doing. Often times they bring me photos of all the grandchildren that I've delivered. It’s the highlight of my day. I love that.”

Gynecology Care in One Stop

“Patients are busy and they don't want to have multiple appointments if we can do it all at once,” Dr. Blumhagen says. “We have our sonography here, we have our lab right here. We can do a lot of things in one visit. Patients have children to take care of, and jobs, and a home.”

For this reason, Dr. Blumhagen transitioned his practice to only care for gynecology patients. “Now that I'm no longer doing obstetrics, I can totally be with my patient, focus on her and not worry about labor and delivery or the emergency room.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Guy Blumhagen’s video biography to learn more about his lifelong dedication to caring for women like you. You can also make an appointment to see him at ARC Seton Northwest.

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