Guiding You Through the Healthcare Maze

At ARC, coordinated care means having a healthcare team who will take care of you when you are sick or when you are well; when you need to see a doctor for an illness or for a prescription refill. ARC Chief Medical Officer and Family Practitioner Dr. Russell B. Krienke discusses this innovative approach to patient care in a recent podcast on the KLBJ ARC Healthcare Minute.

Dr. Krienke recommends that patients “Choose a healthcare team that gives you easy access to quality care and partners with you in sickness and in health.” He adds, your ARC “medical team will guide you through the healthcare maze.”

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Krienke at ARC South 1st, call 512-443-1311 or make an appointment online.

For more health tips from ARC doctors, tune into the ARC Healthcare Minute which airs on KLBJ News Radio 590AM/99FM. You can also listen to podcasts from past episodes on the ARC website.

Dr. Russell B. Krienke
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