Dr. Caroline Camosy

For This ARC Pediatrician it’s All About “Keeping the Kiddos Healthy!”

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Caroline Camosy, MD, Pediatrician, has joined the team at ARC Southwest. A native Texan, Dr. Camosy is originally from Garden Ridge, Texas.

When asked why she chose Pediatrics, Dr. Camosy explains that she likes to smile! She says, “I chose Pediatrics because it allows me to spend every day with a smile on my face. This career is also a wonderful way for me to put both my love of people and intellectual curiosity to good use. Getting to form relationships with my patients and families is a huge priority for me, and I can’t think of anything more rewarding than working to keep sweet kiddos healthy!”

Dr. Camosy describes her approach to patient care as such, “I strongly believe that my role as a pediatrician is to care for the whole child; emotional, mental, and social well-being in addition to a child’s physical health.” In addition, she believes that it is important for her patients for her to continue learning; “I provide compassionate care to my families, and place emphasis on practicing evidence-based medicine; that is, staying up to date with medical literature to ensure that I provide the most appropriate care possible.”

Dr. Camosy says, “I love staying active! I enjoy running, Zumba, tennis, and seeking out anything that keeps me moving!”

Her favorite health tips include “information on keeping kids safe from the sun and insects!”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Camosy, go online or call ARC Southwest at 512-282-8967. Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Camosy!

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