First Step When Trying to Get Pregnant

What does Dr. Bernard A. Lynch, Ob/Gyn at ARC Medical Park Tower recommend that couples do before they try to have a baby? Get a checkup for two!

“Visiting your doctor first helps both the man and woman do several things: make sure you’re up-to-date on vaccinations, test for heart-health issues, and more,” said Dr. Lynch in a recent ARC Healthcare Minute on KLBJ Radio. He adds, “It’s one easy step that can help lead to the growth of your family.” Listen to the podcast to hear more about why Dr. Lynch recommends a checkup for both spouses.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, you can reach out to Dr. Lynch. He is currently accepting new patients at ARC Medical Park Tower; just call 512-451-0161 or make an appointment online.

For more health tips from ARC doctors, tune into the weekly ARC Healthcare Minute which airs on KLBJ News Radio 590AM/99FM weekday mornings at 7:29am and 8:29am.

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