Enjoying Your Child’s Visits

“I try to help families enjoy the process of raising their child,” Dr. Robert Lowrey says, pediatrics physician at ARC Far West. “I think so many people worry so much, and everything, that I try to make the process enjoyable.”

More Joy

Dr. Lowrey’s goal is to be there for you when you need him. After caring for children for over 3 decades, he’s grateful for each day he gets to spend with families like yours.

“Not very many people can come to work every day, get a smile on their face from seeing children every day, and taking care of families.”

His vision for you and your child is joy and optimism.

“My philosophy of care is basically I try to help families raise a child that's well adjusted and hopefully, optimistic about life,” Dr. Lowrey says. “I come to work every day, and I think about it before I start. I give families positive feedback on their child, as I see them at well checks or sick checks, and I try to listen.”

From Daycare to College

Being accessible and empathetic is part of Dr. Lowrey’s approach to working with you to care for your child from the early days of daycare and beyond.

“I'm going to be there for them when the child is sick. I'm going to help them through their ups and downs of childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. And I'm going to be there to do their college physical, hopefully.”

One family Dr. Lowrey remembers fondly had three children, a set of twins and an older sibling.

“They had multiple medical problems like asthma, and multiple injuries. They were all involved in sports, and a very positive family. All three children graduated from Ivy League schools and now have great jobs.” Dr. Lowrey recalls. “I was privileged to be their pediatrician.”

Family Dinner

Dr. Lowrey’s advice to moms and dads is really very simple: dinner, every night. He does add that it should be face-to-face, without phones and other distractions: “it's not worth it if they're on their iPad or phone.”

“I think what's very important for families, is to have a family dinner with their children. I think that's very, very important,” Dr. Lowrey says. “This is a time where parents can talk one-on-one, about their day, about the child's day, and really interact.”

Watch Dr. Robert Lowrey’s video biography to learn more about how he hopes to instill joy in your child’s visits.

Meet Dr. Lowrey

If you would like an appointment with Dr. Robert Lowrey or you want to meet him:

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    Meet Dr. Lowrey at the ARC Far West meet & greet the first Tuesday, every month, from Noon-1pm. To RSVP, call 512-346-6611 or e-mail us your name and the date you will need a pediatrician. Please put “ARC Far West meet and greet” in the email subject line.

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