Brandon K. Zinn, DO, MPH - Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine

Each Patient Has Unique Needs

Austin Regional Clinic is happy to announce that Dr. Brandon Zinn, Primary Care Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine Specialist, has joined the team at ARC Orthopedics. Dr. Zinn will be providing Sports and Musculoskeletal Medicine care at ARC Medical Park Tower Orthopedics and other locations, until April 2017, at which time he will add clinic hours at ARC Now Clinic in Cedar Park. 

Texas native Dr. Zinn says, “I have always enjoyed physics, mechanics, and sports/active lifestyles, so orthopedics and sports medicine was a very natural fit” when deciding on which area of medicine to focus.

When discussing his philosophy regarding patient outcomes, Dr. Zinn says, “It is important to understand the unique needs and desires of every patient. A satisfactory outcome for one patient may be unacceptable to another patient—and thus completely different treatments may be in order for a similar injury.”

“The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself in many situations,” he continues. His best health tip regarding positive outcomes? “Knowing what to do and what not to do at different times can make a big difference in recovery time and overall outcome.”

Dr. Zinn is currently accepting new patients. Call 512-454-4561 or go online to make an appointment. In April 2017, Dr. Zinn will also have clinic hours at ARC Now Clinic in Cedar Park. Welcome, Dr. Brandon Zinn!

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