Doctor Works to Bring the Best Out of You

“Each day in my practice I strive to bring the best out of my patients… to be able to truly be as healthy as they can and live the best life that they can,” Dr. Afreen Khan says, family medicine physician at ARC Far West.

A Holistic Approach

As part of Dr. Khan’s practice to bring out the best in you, her patient, she takes a holistic approach to your medical care. This means addressing what will be “the best for your physical health, your emotional health, and your mental health.”

“I like to approach the patient as a whole and that was part of the reason why I actually picked Osteopathic Medicine because of the holistic approach to medicine,” Dr. Khan says.

As a Doctor of Osteopathy, she views your care from all aspects of your life to try to help you get back to better health. This approach goes beyond simply looking at the disease or illness at hand, but discussing all of the factors that can impact it.

“We talk about physical therapy, we talk about home exercises so that we're not just kind of fixing the spot, with the ultimate goal that this injury, or this illness, or whatever the process is, doesn't recur,” Dr. Khan says.

Practical Discussions About Diet and Exercise

During almost every visit, Dr. Khan will ask about diet and exercise. In doing so, she helps you develop a practical plan and healthier habits.

For example, she says sometimes she helps patients remove simple barriers. When she hears someone say "I go home and I'm too tired to go back out at the end of the day.” Her advice is: “Don't go home first. Change at work or at the gym and exercise before going home.”

Food planning is always a big topic of conversation as well. During visits she will “sit and plan the food for the week so that they know what they're eating,” Dr. Khan says. This helps give patients a clear view of where their food will come from and can help prevent last-minute, unhealthy food choices.

By the end of visits, the response from patients is positive.

“I think a lot of it helps patients really feel empowered to be able to take charge of their health,” Dr. Khan says.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Afreen Khan’s video biography to learn more about how she cares for you to help bring the best out of you. You can make an appointment online or call 512-346-6611 to see Dr. Khan at ARC Far West.

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