Doctor Goes Beyond the Body to the Mind and Soul

Going beyond medicine to connect with you is Dr. Madhu Hooda’s goal. She addresses your physical health, mind, and soul. Watch her video to learn more about how Dr. Hooda partners with you at ARC Anderson Mill.

Making a Difference

“I want my patients to lead a very healthy and happy life… work on their physical health but also on their mind and soul,” says Dr. Hooda.

During each visit, she makes time to connect with you and assess how you’re doing in all facets of your life.

“My favorite thing about being a doctor is the connection that I have with my patients and that I can make a difference in my patient's life,” Dr. Hooda says.

Mind and Body

Focusing beyond the body’s physical ailments lets Dr. Hooda help patients in life-changing ways.

One patient Dr. Hooda had initially came in for medical problems like coughs, physical exams, and other medical issues.

“She was coming more often, but there was something not right,” Dr. Hooda says. “When we were doing her physical exam, I found some bruises on her, and I started talking to her about them. Initially, she tried to hide them.”

“Eventually when she was more open, she was able to say, ‘Okay, I'm in a very bad relationship.’”

Dr. Hooda says. The patient told Dr. Hooda that she was in a long-term, abusive relationship. Over time, after helping the patient get counseling and additional information, the patient was able to seek help and leave the relationship.

“And she was very, very grateful that she talked about that, and we came up with a way to help her,” Dr. Hooda says.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Madhu Hooda’s video biography to learn more about how she partners with you to care for your mind, body, and soul. You can make an appointment online or call 512-250-5571 to see Dr. Hooda at ARC Anderson Mill.

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