Doctor Focuses on Addressing Minor Problems Early

“My goal is to be there for the patient,” says Dr. Olivia Yun. “I believe that being healthy is not just being free from medical conditions, but feeling well in the body and the soul.”

Dr. Yun says that this is only possible when the patient feels well, so if there’s a minor problem, she encourages patients to discuss it with her in her family medicine practice at ARC Round Rock.

Addressing Minor Issues Early

“Patients know their body the best,” Dr. Yun says. “If there is something that is not right, let me know and see if I can help.”

She says that sometimes a minor problem may not have a medical diagnosis right away. However, it could be something that’s building up to becoming a problem.

One example is consistent knee pain, a very common problem that is often ignored. In some cases, it could be an early sign of osteoarthritis or a worsening obesity problem. This is just one example of a minor issue that could be an early warning sign or symptom to something more serious.

Dr. Yun focuses on prevention as the best treatment to help address minor issues before they become bigger medical problems.

Like Mom

“I always wanted to be somebody, who was able to be like a team player for the patient and be able to help the patient,” Dr. Yun says.

Dr. Yun wants to take care of you like family, as she would for her mom, dad or sister. Her desire to help you with your health and understand your medical care, is because at the age of 13 she frequently accompanied her mother to doctor’s visits.

“Just seeing a lot of staff members, nurses and doctors who were very sympathetic and caring, I wanted to be one of them in the future,” Dr. Yun says.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Olivia Yun’s video biography to learn more about how she establishes trust with you to care for you and your family. You can make an appointment online or call 512-244-9024 to see Dr. Yun at ARC Round Rock.

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