Dr. Summer Branda - Internal Medicine

Continuity of Care is at the Core of the Physician’s Philosophy

Austin Regional Clinic is happy to announce that Summer R. Branda, MDInternal Medicine physician, has joined the team at ARC Far West.

Dr. Branda has been interested in medicine since she was a child. She says, “Growing up with a physician father, it was at a young age that I became intrigued by the challenges a physician has to overcome on a daily basis to treat his or her patients. I also admired the long term relationships and trust that I was able to see blossom over time. I became fascinated with the meticulous work ethic required to solve each problem presented.”

Her approach to medicine is like that of a sleuth. “I look at the human body like a detective solving a mystery,” she says. “It takes time, perseverance, and years of practice to figure out the different organ systems and how they work together in order to apply the best clinical care.”

Dr. Branda says that she combines the best of New York and Austin. “Being that I am from a big city, I am hoping to bring big city medicine and providing it with a personalized small town feel. Continuity of care is the core of a good internal medicine practice.”

Her favorite health tip for patients? “Find out what ‘quality of life’ means to you and take the required steps to fulfill it.”

Dr. Branda is currently accepting new patients at ARC Far West. Call 512-346-6611 or go online to make an appointment. Welcome, Dr. Summer Branda!

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