Connecting With Your Child and Family

“I look at every kid and I see what he or she needs, what the family needs, and I try to approach from that aspect. I try to look at the family as a whole,” Dr. Anupama Lakshmikanth says, pediatrics physician at ARC Far West. “When you get that connection with an entire family, there’s nothing like it.”

Many parents refer to her as ‘Dr. Lash’ because “not a lot of people can pronounce Lakshmikanth, so they call me Dr. Lash, like an eyelash.”

Taking It Home

With Dr. Lakshmikanth, being a pediatrician is a 24-hour calling. She says, “you take things home with you, you don't just leave it at the door. Every child that’s sick, you think about them when you're at home, you worry about them.”

Dr. Lakshmikanth had one patient, a little boy, who was in for a sick visit with a fever. Later that day his fever grew higher and his symptoms continued to worsen, so she sent him to the hospital.

“I ended up going to the hospital to check on him and his family and he didn't want anybody but me to give him his medicine,” Dr. Lakshmikanth says. “And his parents said, ‘he just met you today and he wants you to give him his popsicle. He wants you to take care of him because he knows you're genuinely trying to make him feel better. And now you're in the hospital with us.’”

Medical Care for All Kids

Part of what makes Dr. Lakshmikanth who she is today was her mission trip to Africa during residency.

“I wish I could do a mission trip every single year. The kids that you meet and see, the kids that are begging for care, it breaks your heart,” Dr. Lakshmikanth says. “These kids don't even know how to swallow a pill, they’ll crush it and eat it and chew it, even if it’s chalky, just because they’re so happy that they have medication. It’s phenomenal.”

Watch Dr. Anupama Lakshmikanth’s video biography to learn more about how she cares for your child and connects with you at ARC Far West.

Meet Dr. Lakshmikanth

If you would like an appointment with Dr. Anupama Lakshmikanth or you want to meet her:

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    Meet Dr. Lakshmikanth at the ARC Far West meet & greet the first Tuesday, every month, from Noon – 1pm. To RSVP, call 512-346-6611 or e-mail us your name and the date you will need a pediatrician. Please put “ARC Far West meet and greet” in the subject line.

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