Caring for Your Child With Open Arms

“With open arms, I would like to welcome anyone who lives in the area to come here and I will give you the best care I can offer. I like to practice medicine and I like to meet new families and help to the best of my ability,” says Dr. Jacques Benun.

Meet Dr. Benun June 28

You can meet Dr. Benun on June 28. The ARC Manor Meet & Greet is open to all pediatric patients and their family members.

What: ARC Manor Meet & Greet
Date: Wednesday, June 28
Time: 4:30pm
RSVP: Call 512-582-6075 or e-mail us your name, and please put “ARC Manor meet and greet” in the subject line.

Less is Better

During your child’s visit with Dr. Benun, he works with you to help your child grow into a healthy young adult: physically, mentally, and emotionally. He approaches the care of your child with a “less is better” approach in regards to dispensing antibiotics, ordering tests, x-rays, etc.

“I really pay attention to your child's exam and history,” says Dr. Benun. “I take my time to explain to your family why your child needs or doesn’t need medication, and the same goes with tests and referrals,” says Dr. Benun.

Six-Year-Old Confidence

To make your child feel better is Dr. Benun’s goal at each visit.

“These are little, young lives, if you can make a difference and make them feel better, that's just a priceless experience to me,” says Dr. Benun.

After a visit with Dr. Benun, he wants your child to feel confident and reassured. As a six-year-old, Dr. Benun felt this way after he had surgery. The team of doctors that cared for him instilled these feelings in him in such a profound way that he decided to be a doctor – and that dream is now realized every day at ARC Manor.

Watch Dr. Jacques Benun’s video biography to learn more about his “less is better” approach.

Meet Dr. Benun

If you would like an appointment with Dr. Jacques Benun or you want to meet him:

  • Meet Dr. Benun on June 28
    Meet Dr. Benun at the next ARC Manor Meet & Greet on Wednesday, June 28 starting at 4:30pm. To RSVP online.
  • Make an Appointment

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