Bunions: Stop Living With Bunion Pain

“Bunions are a common problem,” says Dr. Carlos RomeroPodiatrist at ARC South 1st Specialty in this recent podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute. They can be caused by poorly fitting shoes, some activities, and even genetics. The problem is caused when there is an issue in the alignment of the bones in your feet. Dr. Romero continues, “Because the bunion occurs at the joint where the great toe bends, it can be extremely painful with every step.”

Dr. Romero says, “There are a variety of treatment options for bunions from rest to medication to surgery.” But, he goes on to point out; often time is not your friend when it comes to bunions. He says, “Because a bunion will get worse with time, it’s important to consult a podiatrist early and have it properly diagnosed.”

In addition to treating the full range of podiatric conditions, Dr. Romero's interests revolve around sports medicine, trauma, diabetic infection and amputation salvage. To make an appointment with Dr. Romero, call 512-443-1311, or go online.

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