Birth Control Options

How many types of birth control are there? Dr. Romy GhoshObstetrics/Gynecology (Ob/Gyn) physician at ARC Medical Park Tower recently discussed types of birth control on the ARC Healthcare Minute. “There are over a dozen different methods that work well and are easy to use,” says Dr. Ghosh in the podcast. “Some options do not need a doctor visit. For other options, you’ll need an appointment.”

Dr. Ghosh also points out that not all forms of birth control protect against STDs. But there are lots of choices for different lifestyles. Dr. Ghosh says, “Your Ob/Gyn can help explain the differences, benefits, and effectiveness of each method. Talk to your doctor!”

To make an appointment with Dr. Ghosh, call 512-451-0161 or go online.

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