Being A Doctor Is An Amazing Feeling Says This New ARC Physician

Austin Regional Clinic is happy to announce that Julian C. Garcia, DO, Family Medicine, has joined the Family Medicine physicians at ARC, seeing patients in various locations.

Dr. Garcia was born in Kingsville, Texas, but grew up in Zapata, Texas. He describes his childhood; “It was the typical small rural town life!”

Of his choice to become a doctor, Dr. Garcia says, “In college I was introduced to a really great premedical program created, piloted, and implemented by the State of Texas which I successfully completed to begin my medical career!”

Dr. Garcia has several reasons why he chose Family Medicine as a specialty. He says, “Professionally I loved being able to see and “do” everything; from working in a hospital rounding on patients, working in an ER, delivering babies, and everything in between from ALL age ranges in my clinic. Personally, I love the continuity of care that Family Medicine provides. I love seeing the entire family and friends of the family and their subsequent families and knowing who they are on a personal level.”

“My approach to treating those under my care is mainly just listening and doing my best to understand what concerns my patients have,” says Dr. Garcia. “I then advise, educate, and counsel on all the available options and together we decide on the best path to reach their health goals.”

In his free time, Dr. Garcia is kept busy with pets, travel, and a fixer-upper! “I have a young dog and cat at home that keep me busy with their whimsical nonsense! I love traveling and will try to sneak away for weekend trips when I can! And recently I bought a house; fixing it up and putting my style twist on it is pretty fun!”

Dr. Garcia’s health tip for readers? “Your health is in your hands! Ultimately, this is your life and your body…so take an active role in it!”

Welcome Dr. Julian C. Garcia!

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