Dr. Shaida vom Eigen

ARC’s Newest Pediatrician Talks Collaboration, Communication, and Car Seats

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Dr. Shaida Z. vom Eigen, Pediatrician, has joined the team at ARC Cedar Park. Dr. vom Eigen says, “I moved to Texas when I was 5, and to the Austin area when I was 8, so I consider myself essentially a Texas native.”

Dr. vom Eigen says she wanted to become a doctor even as a child. She adds that she became a pediatrician because “All the doctors I knew took care of children, so in my kid mind being a doctor meant taking care of children. Turns out I wanted to be a Pediatrician without even realizing it and I’m so happy I get to do that. Kids are the best!”

“I’m a huge proponent of family and patient-centered care, meaning that care is collaboration between me and the patient and family,” says Dr. vom Eigen. “I want to establish clear lines of communication and maintain a relationship of honesty and mutual trust. I want you to feel that I want the best for your child. And I really hope you’ll let me be silly with them too, because that’s one of the reasons I became a Pediatrician.”

In her leisure time, Dr. vom Eigen spends time with her family. She says, “In the summer we do a ton of swimming and my kids love to be outside and getting as dirty as possible. I love to cook and bake (baking is science!) and I’d do more of it if there was a magic kitchen cleaning fairy that followed me around.”

Dr. vom Eigen’s health tip? “Car seat safety can be confusing and intimidating; I’d like to help families understand how to best use their car seats to keep their children safe.”

Dr. vom Eigen welcomes new patients. To schedule an appointment with her, go online or call ARC Cedar Park at 512-259-3467. Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. vom Eigen!

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