ARC’s Newest FNP Believes that Health Care should be a Team Activity

Austin Regional Clinic is happy to announce that Shauntavia D Ward, FNP, will join the Family Medicine Medicare Wellness team at ARC Far West. Shauntavia will perform Medicare Wellness exams.

Shauntavia began working in medicine 10 years ago as a patient service representative. She says “While working the front line of health care, I was able to see firsthand the impact that the entire health care team had on the overall patient experience.” She adds, “I was enamored by the wealth of knowledge, compassion, and dedication of the nursing staff. I knew in those early moments in my career that I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and health on a daily basis.”

Shauntavia chose a career as a Nurse Practitioner to combine her passion for nursing and her expertise with advanced practice knowledge. She says “This allows me to deliver individualized, evidence-based care. My personal and professional goal is to improve patient outcomes, enhance patient experience, and build relationships.”

When asked about her approach to delivering health care, Shauntavia says, “My philosophy of care includes a holistic, collaborative approach to delivering high quality, evidence based practices that educate, support and advocate for patients and their families, while promoting optimal health and wellness.”

In her free time, Shauntavia and her husband love to travel. Other activities she enjoys include, “Hanging out with my Yorkie pup, volunteering in the community, and discovering new places for good tacos in Austin!”

Shauntavia’s health tip for patients? Sign up for ARC MyChart! “I believe effective health care is a team approach and patients should be actively involved in their care plans and reaching their health goals. Therefore, I advocate for all patients signing up for MyChart to ensure safe continuity of care, as well as clear, open communication between patients and their care team.”

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Shauntavia!

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