Your pain is important if it limits your activity

“When you have an injury or pain from sports, work, or other physical activities, you may think ‘My pain is not important enough to see a doctor,’” says Dr. Brandon K. Zinn, Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine physician at ARC Now Clinic. “However, if the injury or pain limits your physical activity and what you choose to do or avoid doing, then it’s important.”

In this recent podcast of the ARC Healthcare Minute, Dr. Zinn says that you do not have to play a sport to see a Sports Medicine physician. The goal is to assess and treat anyone with a physical injury. He says,” If you want to return to being active, I suggest you schedule an appointment with a Sports Medicine physician today.”

Dr. Zinn specializes in Sports Medicine and the non-surgical treatment of sports injuries, concussions, and issues of the shoulder, knee, hip, elbow, wrist, hand and ankle as well as general orthopedic issues, for both adults and children.

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Zinn or any ARC Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine physician, you can do so online at  or by calling 512-272-4636.

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