The Patient is the Boss with ARC Endocrinologist and Reproductive Medicine Physician

Dr. Maya Bledsoe is both an Endocrinologist and Reproductive Medicine physician at ARC Seton Northwest. In this new video, she says that she became interested in infertility because of friends and family. “When I was training to become an endocrinologist I became fascinated with fertility issues.” Now she says she loves the fertility field. “It’s so much fun to help someone make a child.”

Dr. Bledsoe has a very patient-centered treatment philosophy. Her approach is to let the patient be the boss “because they are the boss.” She informs and communicates, but ultimately Dr. Bledsoe says she “wants the patient to be the decider.”

How does this philosophy work at ARC? Dr. Bledsoe says “I love ARC because of its team approach; our goal is to help the patient.” She adds that the electronic medical records system, called MyChart, is a big help in communicating with her patients. “I love MyChart; the patients can look up their own information—to see what the doctor said on the last visit and what they should be doing next.”

See Dr. Maya Bledsoe’s video on both the ARC website and YouTube.

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Kristin & Ken Gibson

"Dr. Bledsoe helped us to conceive our three beautiful children and we feel very blessed."

Sharon & Pete Candelas

"Dr. Bledsoe provided me with realistic guidance and an invaluable partnership to which I attribute our success with the birth of our amazing daughter Gracie."