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We appreciate the community coming together to help healthcare workers

We appreciate the community coming together to help healthcare workers. We’d like to see the homemade masks go to individuals and facilities who may not have access to medical grade equipment.

At this time ARC is still using our surgical masks and N95s as they are at least 5-25 times more effective in blocking transmission than homemade masks. Our hope is that anyone who has N95, P95, or surgical masks, proven to prevent infectious disease spread, will donate them to their local hospital or clinic. Homemade masks can be used in the home if there is a family member who is ill and there are no surgical masks available.

A homemade mask should be considered as a last resort as it is better than no protection. Meanwhile, everyone can help by staying home, washing their hands often and restricting all in-person interactions. Individual actions can help change the curve.

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