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Tired to Inspired in 22-Weeks

“I feel beautiful and full of energy. Empowered. Like I can do anything.” Katie says.

When Katie met with her ARC physician she weighed 265 pounds and often felt tired. Dr. Sandra Lynn Worrell suggested the ARC Weight Management OPTIFAST® Program to Katie.

“My goal was to get down below 200. I wanted to weigh 199.9." Katie says. “I selected the ARC OPTIFAST program because it takes away all food choices for 16 weeks. I didn't want to think about food for a while. I wanted to drink the shakes and concentrate on how and why I got the way I did.”


At the end of the 22-week program, Katie weighed 190 pounds. Her energy level increased, and she went from a size 20 to a size 12.

The ARC Weight Management OPTIFAST Program worked for Katie where other programs failed. She has a new understanding of her relationship with food and learned new eating habits.

“It's a wonderful, wonderful program,” Katie says. “I lost weight in those other programs but couldn't maintain it. With this program, I have maintained [the weight loss]. This is not a diet—it's a life-long commitment.”

Understanding Overeating

The counselor-led weekly group meetings helped Katie explore the emotional reasons for her overeating. Her shyness at social events often led to overeating. “If I was eating, I didn't have to talk,” she says. “That's where my comfort was.”

The day after Katie began the program, she attended a co-worker's birthday celebration at an Italian restaurant. “I sat at the table and drank my OPTIFAST shake while others ate. From the beginning, I learned how to engage in conversation without a fork and spoon."

Teaching Her Kids

After 16 weeks of consuming only OPTIFAST shakes, soups, and bars, Katie began adding solid food back into her diet. She experimented with the new, healthier meal preparations she learned at ARC.

Katie’s children, ages 6 and 9, were willing subjects. “They did great! They would tell me what needed more or less seasoning, what tasted good, and what they didn't like.” And, she’s passing on the healthy habits she learned, “I ask them, 'Do you make healthy food choices most of the time? Do you drink enough water? Are you active?' If they say 'yes,' I reassure them that they are doing great.”

ARC Team Support

Katie appreciates the support she received from the ARC Weight Management team.

Her visits with Dr. Hillary Miller were helpful because, “I need someone honest to tell me what needs to be done. I like Dr. Miller a lot because she doesn't sugar coat anything.”

Additionally, program director Jennie Pertzborn was very accessible, quick to respond, and full of helpful hints. “I love Jennie,” Katie says. “If you have a bad week, in just two minutes, she has a way of pulling you out of it while you are with her for weigh-in.”

Group Meetings

Perhaps most essential for Katie are the ongoing group meetings that keep her on track, inspired, and accountable. “We share ideas and tips and we lift each other up. I learn about new seasonings, new food preparations, and new gadgets.”

Weight management patients can continue to attend group meetings after completing the program.

Going Back for Seconds

Katie is thrilled! She can go into any clothing store and find clothes that fit her. But, she’s not ready to fill her closets just yet.

Katie had such great success with the ARC Weight Management OPTIFAST Program that she is going back for another session.

“It's time to lose my last 55 pounds!” Katie says.

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*ARC Weight Management OPTIFAST® patients who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 50 pounds with weight-loss-related improvements in blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

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