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This family medicine nurse practitioner says prevention is key

Austin Regional Clinic is happy to announce that Gabrielle L. Gonzales, DNP, FNP-BC, Family Nurse Practitioner, has joined the team at ARC Pflugerville.

“Pursuing a nursing degree was a no-brainer for me when I went to Lubbock for school, but it was my time on the oncology ward afterward that really instilled in me a passion for preven,tive care,” says Ms. Gonzales. “As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I am passionate about being able to treat people across their lifespan, building relationships and keeping them and their families healthy and informed.” 

“In nursing school I was taught that the caregiving in medicine is the ‘art to the science’,” says Ms. Gonzales. “Caregiving requires active listening, empathy and respect.  Allowing the patient to tell their story enables me to provide the best care possible for each person. My goal is to educate and collaborate with every patient while managing their health and earning their trust along the way.” 

Prevention is key

“I am a big believer that prevention is key,” says Ms. Gonzales. “My biggest health tip is to have an annual wellness visit.  It’s a small thing you can do for yourself to ensure your mind and body is healthy.”

In her free time, Ms. Gonzales says she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dogs. She adds, “We especially love being outdoors, watching live music in Austin and traveling to new places.  

If you would like to make an appointment with Ms. Gonzales, you can do so  online or call by calling ARC Pflugerville at 512-989-2680.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic Gabrielle Gonzales!

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