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The magic of medicine attracts this family doctor

ARC is pleased to announce that Yuefeng (Rose) Wu, MD, Family Medicine, has joined the team at ARC Far West.

Dr. Wu says, “Family Medicine encapsulates all of my interests--treating patients of all ages, hands-on procedures, women’s health, and preventive medicine.” She adds, “It is ever evolving and changing based on new advancements and discoveries, and that is the magic of medicine that draws me in every day.”

“The art of medicine is a two-way street between patients and the provider,” says Dr. Wu. “It should be built upon a foundation of trust, knowledge, and relationships. As a Family Medicine doctor, I look forward to building trust and practicing evidence-based patient-centered care.”

Keep up with your vaccinations

When asked what health tip she shares with her patients, Dr. Wu says, “Keep up with all recommended vaccinations! The HPV vaccine provides direct benefit against cancers resulting from persistent HPV infection.”

In her free time, Dr. Wu enjoys “Biking, hiking, yoga, bouldering at Austin Bouldering Project, checking out the new restaurants around town.”

Make an appointment with Dr. Wu

Dr. Wu is currently welcoming new and established patients for appointments after September 16. To make an appointment with Dr. Wu, call ARC Far West at 512-346-6611, or book online.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic, Dr. Wu!

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