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Texas, including Austin, is leading the way in COVID-19 research

Recently, the Texas Tribune and KEYE-News, reported that Texas has emerged as a leading site for COVID-19 research, both in the search for a vaccine and for treatments for active cases.

Currently, the state is the site of 130 clinical trials investigating possible vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus, because Texas is home to massive research universities, hundreds of hospitals and unfortunately, a relatively high rate of coronavirus transmission. That’s the most trials of any state other than California and New York, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Austin Regional Clinic vaccine trial

Austin is among the other major Texas cities involved in this research; ARC Clinical Research has been running a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial since early August. Leaders of vaccine clinical trials say they’ve seen unprecedented numbers of people asking to sign up. “It’s a commonality of really almost all research participants is that they’re doing it for purposes of trying to be helpful, helpful for people in the future even if they think this may not be helpful for themselves,” said Dr. Gretchen Crook, the principal investigator of clinical research at Austin Regional Clinic at ARC Wilson Parke, which is running a double-blind clinical trial with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine candidate.

As of mid-September, the clinic had enrolled about 150 participants in its clinical trial and aimed to sign up about 100 more.

“Almost everybody that comes in has this view that this is a really unique opportunity to make a difference in the world, something that they have felt helpless for the last several months watching this catastrophe unfold,” Dr. Crook said.

Learn more about current ARC Clinical Research trials.

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