Round Rock Physician Focuses on Generational Care for Families

As a family medicine physician, Dr. Sarat Burri’s goal is “to help the patient in whichever way I can, every day.” His goal is to provide you and your family with the care and education needed to live healthy lives, and prevent the onset of chronic diseases that he saw his grandparents and family members live with as a child. Watch Dr. Burri’s video biography to learn more.

More Than Physical Health

In order to provide you with complete care, Dr. Burri will listen to your concerns and thoughts in order to gain a better understanding of your physical, emotional, and mental well being.

He does this by listening to your “family history, social history, finding the risk factors, and providing what is best for [your] individualized care.”

Dr. Burri’s goal is “to take care of the patient as a whole” and base your plan of care on what is best for your overall health in context with your health goals and lifestyle.

Inspired By His Childhood to Care for You

“I always wanted to be a physician when I was growing up,” Dr. Burri said.

As a child, Dr. Burri saw that his grandparents and many extended family members had chronic illnesses that required continuous medical care. Most of the illnesses are preventable given the right education and medical care earlier in life.

Dr. Burri chose a career in medicine to help patients like you live healthy lives, and prevent the onset of chronic diseases later in life.

Medicine for the Whole Family

Dr. Burri’s childhood experiences caring for family and his medical training showed him that “when treating a patient, the family also plays an important part.”

For this reason, he chose to be a family medicine physician which is “a combination of seeing different age groups of patients and taking care of the family as a whole.” This allows him to see the “family dynamics of a family” and provide care that will help create healthy lives for multiple generations.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Sarat Burri’s video biography to learn more about how he gathers information from you during visits to promote a healthy life while focusing on the prevention of life-long chronic diseases. You can make an appointment online to see him at ARC Sendero Springs.

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