Gynecology only services

Our Gyn-Only Services ‘Take Care of the Caretaker’

We’ve just made it easier for busy women to get the gynecological care they need and want. ARC now offers gynecology-only services at ARC Far West and ARC South OB.

What does that mean? Drs. Diane Brinkman, Rosa Moreno, and Alinda Cox will only see women for gynecological care, which includes services like:

  • annual gynecological exams, 
  • menopause treatment and management,
  • menstrual irregularities and dysfunction
  • birth control and contraceptive counseling
  • STD screening and treatment
  • and more.

Our new gynecology-only service works well for women who do not need obstetrics care and are looking at other options for gynecological care. Drs. Brinkman, Moreno, and Cox focus on gynecology issues like those mentioned above including addressing the transition of menopause and other later-life health challenges. With our experienced staff specializing in Gyn-only services, we Take Care of the Caretaker, making access to care easier so that you can get back to the ones who need you most.

If a gynecology-only practice sounds like the perfect fit for your busy schedule, visit or call ARC Far West at 512-346-6611 for an appointment with Drs. Brinkman or Moreno or call ARC South OB at 512-383-9752 for an appointment with Dr. Cox.

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Gynecology-Only Services

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Gynecology-Only Services

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